Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

This is a study of the effects of a proposed action or project on the environment. This study, to a large extent, will identify the likely adverse effects which the proposed action or project may have on the environment. Legislatively, Decree No. 86 of 1992 makes it compulsory for every prospective industry/large project in Nigeria to undertake an EIA Study to be submitted to the Federal Ministry of Environment and the concerned Federal and State agencies for approval before the commencement of such industry

Environmental Evaluation Report (EER)

Evaluation Report (EER) is concerned with an already impacted environment in relation to an existing project or activity. It serves as an important tool which enables policy makers to know the state of the imparted environment of those actions not subjected to EIA at the pre-planning stage, so as to decide and design strategies for protection and restoration of the particular environment.

Preliminary Impact Assessment Report (PIAR)

Preliminary Impact assessment involves the Prediction and identification of the positive and negative impacts likely to result from the activities on site and consequently an analysis of the environmental acceptability of the entire company’s operations. This will include identification of potential sources of hazards if any, unacceptable atmospheric load or terrestrial system pollutants.

It will assist in recommending an environmental management plan for the life of the development, including compliance, monitoring, auditing, and contingency planning in accordance with Environmental Management Standard.

Environmental Audit (EAR)

An Environmental Audit is a basic management tool that involves a systematic, documented, periodic and objective evaluation of the performance of indicated environmental management systems and equipment, as may be required by regulatory authorities. Innovative Environmental Managers Limited, performs these evaluations for select organizations that desire up-to-date knowledge of their on-site environmental programs and compliance levels with current regulations.

Water Quality Analyses

Innovative Environmental Managers Limited are experts in Water quality analyses. We are experts in analyses of Physical water quality parameters; Chemical Water quality parameters and Biological water quality parameters e.g. common waterborne pathogens etc. We advise, procure and install very efficient, yet cost effective, water treatment plants.

Waste Management

Innovative Environmental Managers Limited are experts in the management of solid and hazardous wastes. We advise, procure and install very efficient, yet cost effective, waste collection facilities.

Pollution Monitoring

Air Quality:

Installs, maintains, and support air quality equipment to monitor ozone , fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, total reduced ,sulphur compounds. These pollutants were chosen because they have an adverse effect on humans and the environment at high levels.

Meteorological Monitoring System Installs, maintains, and support Meteorological Monitoring System (MMS) which provides real-time acquisition of weather data and automated detection of hazardous weather conditions.

Environmental Management Systems/ Training
Environmental System Manual (EMS)/Training
Spillage and Counter Measure Management Plan Manual (SCMMP)/Training
Waste Management Plan Manual/Training
Environmental Management Review/Training